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Developer based in Orlando, Florida. Special interest in emerging technologies and the changing face of the web.

  • Write Like The WindReactTailwind CSS

    Write Like The Wind was written to facilitate writing sprints, such as for a creative writing class, blogging, journaling, or a competition like NaNoWriMo - in fact, the impetus for the project was the sad attempts at manual timekeeping and word-tracking for a NaNoWriMo writing group. Choose the length of time, click 'Start', and get writing!

  • Do The Write ThingWIPReactTailwind CSSFirebase

    Do The Write Thing is a writing progress tracker written to augment NaNoWriMo progress. Users can enter a goal, track their daily progress, and view the overall progress of their project, and see updates realtime. This effort is still in progress, but on the backburner.

  • R&ller: Prepare To DieReactstyled-components

    R&ller was an introductory experiment into the world of React. Built to act as a dice roller for a tabletop game like D&D, R&ller aimed to provide every kind of dice used, as well as modifiers.

  • A Friendly TipReactstyled-componentsSass

    Tired of fumbling for the Calculator app at the end of a meal and working out .2 x subtotal, I wrote 'A Friendly Tip' as a practice of design using AdobeXD, and to make settling up after dinner a little bit easier.

  • aaronbru.net / aaronbrunet.devWIPReactGatsbyTailwind CSS

    A personal portfolio site to showcase my experience, projects, hobbies, and more.


Check out my GitHub to see what else I'm working on!